Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twenty Things That Make Me Happy!

This super fun idea courtesy of Beth over at Adventures of an Elven Princess (her link is down below; you should totally check our her blog... she's awesome)

Okay, so here goes nothing!
1. Helping people
2. Playing with my 4 and 2 year-old nieces and 1 year-old nephew... they're just so much fun!
3. Being absolutely crazy with my brother
4. Haribo gummy bears... my favorite candy, of all time. Period. End of story.
5. Chocolate, because what girl doesn't love chocolate ;P
6. Curling up with a blanket and a good book
7. Watching great movies (I couldn't possibly name them all)
8. Eating a whole bag of popcorn all by myself
9. Laughing with my best friends
10. Dreaming about what's to come in my life
11. Finding God in the simple things
12. Smelling fresh roses
13. Watching snow fall
14. Looking up at the stars... and being struck with awe
15. Walking down cobbled streets
16. listening to Mattia Cupelli's music on Youtube; I'll put some links at the bottom for some of my favorite songs ;)
17. drifting off to sleep while praying the rosary... such a beautiful way to end the day
18. knowing God loves me <3
19. getting all dressed up for something
20. watching the sun rise and set

So, that was really fun! Thanks for the idea Beth! I'll probably make a second list sometime soon, but until then, what makes you happy?

Links  http://adventuresofanelvenprincess.blogspot.com/ & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsLqQtOJT8c (this is such a beautiful song...)


  1. I don't have a brother so I have to be crazy with my cousin:) Curly up with a blanket and book is the best=D I've eaten a whole bowl of popcorn before but it gave me a stomach ache:) Finding God in the simplest things...yesssssssss! Cheers for Jesus=D

  2. BTW, I just love finding people on blogger(and anywhere actually)who love the Lord=D

  3. This list is great!

    GUMMY BEARS. <3 forever!

    Ooh, stars and reading books curled up and yes!!!!:)

  4. Your comment totally made 'my' day! I think you're awesome too:) Love your blog! I'm looking forward to more posts=D I can tell we're going to be great friends:) I understand about what you think about Tauriel...I like her fighting skills though...wish I could do that;)