Friday, January 30, 2015

The Edge of Recall: Book Review

   Amidst a world plagued by malice and hatred, a world lacking hope and permeated by doubt, a world weighed down by darkness, a lone candle can illuminate the dusk. At times, that candle reveals itself in the most unlikely of people. That person grants a solacing hand to guide us through the maze of life.
   Tessa Young’s life is overshadowed by doubt. Having lost both her parents at a young age, her subconscious mind is trapped within an endless labyrinth, an ominous monster in pursuit. Her feelings are easily betrayed and she perceives affronts where there are none. Her life lacks faith and hopefulness. She specializes in landscape architecture and though labyrinths haunt her mind, she finds herself drawn to their creation. When charismatic Smith Chandler first enters her life, he becomes a caring mentor who brings to her troubled life the optimism she lacks. Their friendship flourishes and begins to grow into something deeper. Yet when she resolves to traverse a career path which he believes futile and a lack of appreciation for his mentoring, he opts to dissuade her. Overhearing a discussion Smith has with his friends, Tessa feels betrayed and deceived. Now, years later, when Smith requests her assistance in reconstructing a Colonial-era labyrinth, she must decide whether to deny him and regret the loss of a remarkable opportunity or agree and confront someone who once left her wounded. 

   Once she consents and begins the restoration, Tessa feels a vague foreboding and danger lurking. And though she at first denies Smith any associations outside the professional and is all but friendly, she soon comes to develop feelings for him.   

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