Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lucerne, Switzerland

One of the most beautiful European countries, Switzerland is home to the elegant city of Lucerne. This city is seemingly born from the very pages of a Christmas tale.
Straddling the Reuss River, Lucerne features many bridges, including the famous Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Europe. One of the most touching sights, the Lion Monument has brought many British tourists to Lucerne. For fans of C.S. Lewis' Narnia, the sculpture resembles Aslan at the stone table. Tourists can visit the magnificent Church of St. Leodegar or the vast Lucerne Concert Hall  which has hosted the Lord of the Rings Symphony. The Old Town of Lucerne, on the right bank of the Reuss, still preserves many old houses and little squares with fountains and the Glacier Garden (Gletschergarten), is an amazing relic of the Ice Age.
              As for natural wonders, Mount Rigi, the “Queen of Mountains”, is the most visited scenic mountain range in Switzerland. This magnificent landscape is surrounded by Lake Lucerne, Zug and Lauerz. In winter, Rigi offers sled runs, ice-rinks, panoramic cross-country courses, horse-drawn sleigh rides and 30 km of winter rambling paths. Between June and September, visitors can enjoy sunrise cable car rides and take in the scenery by hiking the trails.

              If I ever get the chance to visit Switzerland, Lucerne is the place I hope to experience firsthand. I’m keeping my fingers crossed….

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