Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Technology In My Life

First off, this was a blog post for my Computer Applications class ;)

Technology has granted to the world many good things. The ancient past of a months’ time to get a message from one person to another has disappeared into the whirlwind of new inventions in the technological world.
In my own life, technology helps me keep in contact with my friends and distant family through such things as texting, email, and Skype. Without it, I would miss out on the lives of my two nieces who live hundreds of miles away. Also, technology grants an easy, quick way to find information on the internet for school projects. I don’t have to spend hours searching through old books to find the information I need.
But technology can also have its downsides. Once you release personal information onto the internet, it’s out there forever, for anyone to see. And even a seemingly harmful conversation with a “friend” on social networking sites can lead to danger. Unfortunately, technology also lends itself to cyberbullying, something all too prominent in today’s society due to the availability of technology to teens.

If I could design a new form of technology, I would create a pen that could detect errors as you write a paper. As a writer, it would be immensely useful to not have to go back and edit my mistakes at the end. The pen would have a sensor that would feed into a tiny monitor on the side of the pen. If I misspelled something or forgot punctuation, the monitor would light up and tell me my mistake so I could go back and fix it. 

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