Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thoughts on Life

Hello everyone! First off, I want to thank all those that have taken the time to check out my blog and those who are now following it. It means the world to me :)
I just started high school about 2 months ago and I wanted to share some thoughts on this new stage in my life. Coming from a private school, stepping into the world of high school was a bit terrifying. The first week or so was pretty stressful, especially when it came to trying to get my stubborn locker open ;) or remembering where my classes were. But having three loyal friends at my side has helped tremendously, and I thank God for the beautiful gift of friendship I have been blessed with.
I still have those everyday struggles every teenager goes through, whether its wondering if that certain someone will ever notice me or trying to stay awake in Social Studies ;) And I know my life’s not perfect, but I know I have people that love me guiding me along the way.

Remember, God has a beautiful plan for our lives, even though we may not understand it yet; He will never forsake us.
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